Howdy, Welcome to my site. My name is Nena …well that’s what people call me anyway. I am a citizen of the world …how did that happen?! I write this blog to share my life with family and friends.
If you check out my blog please also check out my father’s site Edward Gafford.


5 Responses to About

  1. Oliver says:

    Love the site. Keep it up to date and I’ll visit often.

    Love, Oliver

  2. Edward Gaffrod says:

    Hi Nena
    It looks like everyone is doing well. I wish I was as talkative as you. That is on the net! Then my blog would not be as Ho Hum as it is. I have to get Sam to put the picture on and he real busy these days. Well, I haven’t hit the lottery yet but maybe next time GROSSES BISES

  3. Edward Gaffrod says:

    I looked for the book aout the turtle (you know, the thunderstorm story) but I could not remember the name of the author or even the serie, just a green turtle by the name of …Randolph? Tell me again and I will try to get more of th0se for Frida
    Papa showed me how to put conments… I was looking for that!.maman

  4. Kazy says:

    Cute site! Keep rocking on!

  5. suesue says:


    i am too lazy to email you. but want to say 2 things

    1. i have HUGE news to tell you
    2. have you ever heard of Rebtel? http://www.rebtel.com

    love ya!

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