The Craft

Wee Kitty in Pink and Brown
Well my Wee Wonderful “Kitty, Bunny, and Bear a 3-in-1 pattern” arrived on Friday. Within the span of Frida’s 3 hour nap I had a Wee Kitty. Once Frida was asleep for the evening I had a face on the Wee Kitty. When Bernhard took Frida for an evening walk yesterday, I manage to add a few finishing touches. Frida really likes her. In the booklet, Hilary advises to stay away from overly stretchy fabrics. Well I really wanted to use the pink fussy stretchy fabric for the dress and the result isn’t too bad but Kitty is lumpy in some places…lucky it doesn’t look too bad though. With my short attention span these days this project was perfect because it sews up so quickly. Also I have finally finally! used my sewing machine for something other then curtains and pillow cases.

I had Bernhard bring the digital camera from the lab so here is a picture of my Wee Kitty in Pink and Brown. My next post will have Frida pictures!!!!!!

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